Gary Holt in Exodus Digs “Shitty Metallica” Mention in Cobra Kai Season 4

Exodus Got a lot of talk in the new season of the popular Netflix series Cobra Kai, although it does have a character referring to the veteran thrash band as “shitty Metallica. ” Anyway, guitarist Gary Holt celebrates the “great reference to Exodus.”

In the scene (a minor spoiler), Raymond’s character (also known as “Stingray”) – played by Paul Walter Hauser – is confronted by a neighbor, who tells him, “The other freeloaders are grumbling at Metallica all night! ” Stingray replied, “Yes, in the real Exodus’ Bound in Blood, but it’s not your fault, you don’t know the genre. ”

Holt, a longtime Exodus member who also played guitar in Slayer’s last lineup, posted the clip on his Instagram account, writing, “RAD !! One of my favorite movies just released a lot of references in Exodus! It hurts so much! @william_zabka, this season is EPIC!

Holt mentions actor William Zabka, who stars as Johnny Lawrence, the karate sensei whose love of ’80s hard rock and metal is widespread throughout Cobra Kaifour seasons.

Of course, Exodus was forever tied to Metallica, as guitarist Kirk Hammett left the former to join later in 1983, replacing the sacked Dave Mustaine. And metal fans will attest to that Bound in Blood far from “crazy,” because it has long been considered one of the greatest thrash debuts of all time, right there at Metallica’s Kill Them All.

Exodus will join fellow Bay Area thrash legends Testament and Death Angel “Bay Strikes Back Tour” this spring, with tickets available through Ticketmaster. The outing was scheduled to take place this past fall but was rescheduled due to COVID-19 safety concerns. However, the three bands teamed up for a gig in downtown Oakland in late November (see our review and photo gallery).

See Exodus reference on Cobra Kai via Gary Holt’s instagram post below.

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