Generations Announces New Album 9th & Walnut, Sharing New Song: Listen

Descendants announced their next studio album, 9th and Walnut—Except July 23 by Epitaph. The band’s classic lineup of vocalist Milo Aukerman, bassist Tony Lombardo, guitarist Frank Navetta, and drummer Bill Stevenson began working on the record in 2002, but the album was not yet finished by Navetta’s time. death in 2008. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, revealed that, last year, Stevenson sent the 2002 recordings to Aukerman, who recorded his vocal at home before returning it to Stevenson for mixing. Listen to “Children of Doncha Known” in Generations below.

9th and Walnut took its title from the band’s old Long Beach practice area. Included in the list are some of the earliest written materials of Descendants, drafted from 1977-1980. Among those that followed were unreleased recordings of the Descendants ’debut track“ Ride the Wild ”and“ It’s a Hectic World, ”which featured Aukerman on vocals. (The songs were originally released in 1979 with Navetta and Lombardo, before Aukerman joined the band in 1980.) The album closed with a cover of Dave Clark Five’s “Glad All Over.”

Read the image “Punk Veteran Milo Aukerman on Descendants of Music in His Life. ”

9th and Walnut:

01 The Sailor’s Choice
02 Crepe Suzette
03 You Made Me Sick
04 Lullaby
05 Gabii
06 Baby Doncha knows
07 Tired of Tired
08 I’m shaking
09 Anger
10 Mohicans
11 As I Know It
12 This is a Hectic World
13 To Remember
14 Once Hateful
15 This is My Hair
16 I Need Some
17 Riding the Distance
18 Happy With All (Dave Clark Five cover)

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