Kodak Black pleads guilty to First-Degree As assault and Battery in Sexual Assault Case

Kodak Itum enters a guilty plea in a legal case stemming from his assault on a high school student in 2016, as a local CBS colleague WBTW reports. The rapper was charged with first degree sexual assault in 2017; he pleaded guilty to lesser charges of first-degree assault and battery under a plea deal. Kodak received a suspended 10 -year sentence but he will be sentenced to 18 months.

12th Circuit Solicitor Ed Clements of Florence County, South Carolina, where the case began, told WBTW that the victim agreed to the terms of the plea deal. The agreement stipulates that Kodak must also take full responsibility for the incident and publicly apologize to the victim, the same as he did in court, and he must be subject to counseling.

In January of this year, Kodak received AGAIN from Donald Trump in the final hours of his presidency. His original sentence came from one arrested in May 2019 for identifying papers that he was not charged while attempting to purchase firearms. The rapper was jailed while Trump pardoned him. Just days after he was released, Kodak announced the change of his prison sentence in a song called “Last Day On. ”

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