These $ 16 Outside String Lights Have 23,490 5-Star Reviews on Amazon

Here is what the reviewers said:

“I’m ordering 4 boxes of these light sets now, the 25ft. Maybe I’ll just get a longer strand at this point. I love to love these lights.”

“Nice lights! Nice to start the lights just at the start of the cord so there’s not a bunch of dead space between the plug and when the lights start, so you really get a full 25ft lighted string. “

“It’s the perfect touch to our covered patio! The lights aren’t too bright but just enough to prepare the situation without having to get dark. What we wanted! The set up wasn’t too bad. I added a 15 foot on the outside extension is the cord because my power source is inside and paired with a smart outlet so I can control the Alexa lights or my phone. “

“I’m nervous that it could be cheap and soft because of the price- I’m glad I was wrong about that! The bulbs are glasses, so I recommend hanging the lights before screwing the bulbs in, or i- screw it in as you go in. Like, we ended up breaking the two lights when we hung them, but that was fine because it carried four extras.

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