Watch Thom Yorke Discuss Radiohead Album Covers with Artist Stanley Donwood

Radiohead shares a new documentary lacking in Thom Yorke discussing the band’s album art with Stanley Donwood, who has worked with the band on their covers and other visual elements throughout their careers. The video comes as a preview of a Christie’s auction including six at Donwood’s Kid A-painting paint. See it below.

The band’s next big project is a joint remake Kid A and Amnesiac will also be released which included a third disc of unreleased material recorded in the sessions for records. It’s out Nov. 5, and Radiohead has one in the online “upside-down digital / analog universe”With the release also merging Donwood’s work. They share the archival track “If You Speak the Word”In early September, followed by a video directed by Kasper Häggström. They won Donwood and Yorke a Best Recording Package Grammy for a special edition of Amnesiac in 2002.

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