Yeule Shares Danny L Harle’s New Song “Too Dead Inside”: Listen

I thought it would be interesting to use a jungle beat for a song within the Yeule sonic sphere. I think I want to see if the lyrics have the potential to pull a shiny, fresh, up-beat esthete into the darker realm. Some days I find myself with little or no reaction to things that happen, good or bad. Seems like I’m close off to everything. Maybe I’m a ghost too. I looked at everything from above, isolated from reality. I’ve seen someone die before, and they really want to live. A lot of times, we want to say we’re dead inside. I think this is the way we deal with it, because it’s so familiar and so easy to miss. I think I have always had a passion for life despite the constant romance of death. If something happens to you that leaves a mark, a deep scar, it takes away the basis of the emotional reaction. In a few glittering days, I could see it coming back. And when beautiful things happen, it can be very beautiful. Like how ugly it is.

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